Being wholly indoors the cattery is safe, quiet and warm with a homelike atmosphere your cats will love.  The heated cat rooms are built and run to Feline Advisory Bureau (now International Cat Care) and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health standards and licensed by Leeds City Council. We have also attended an animal first aid course and the FAB cattery management course and have set our cattery up to these highest of standards based on years of experience.

The cattery is subject to high levels of cleanliness and all rooms are cleaned daily. We also pride ourselves on the personal attention cats receive whilst in our care. We to try feed them as at home to keep to their routine and schedule in time for grooming, socialising and playing, which helps the cat have a good holiday too. If your cat has a favourite brush or toy please bring feel free to bring them along for us to use.

We recommend all new visitors come and see the cattery before bringing their cat for the first time. Please phone or email to arrange an appointment to make sure we have enough time to go through everything fully.

We love cats and have a number of our own, including Ragdolls (see links for more information on Furrypaws Ragdolls). In our spare time we used to show our Ragdolls and sometimes foster rescue cats. This gives us a vast knowledge of cats which helps us look after those in our care to the highest of standards.

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