All our cat rooms at Kelcliffe Cattery are luxurious, purpose built, individually heated and designed with the comfort of your cat in mind. The houses are in a calming French grey colour and are fully insulated, with thermostatic heating. This means your cat will be warm and cosy whatever the weather outside.  The attached runs are made from UPVC and glass. The cattery is also well secured with CCTV and burglar & fire alarms.

All cat rooms are built to dimensions in excess of those required for two cats but no extra charge is made for single occupancy. We also have a number of interlinked rooms that can be used for families of three, four and even more cats. We can adapt our rooms to take into consideration the needs of elderly and disabled cats and also kittens, please let us know if your cat has any special requirements.

Each house has two shelves for your cat to sit on, a bed with Vet Bed which is hypoallergenic and a viewing window to the run. The run itself has a chair and a large scratching post and all pens have a variety of toys and games that are changed on a regular basis to keep your cats entertained and stimulated. 

The cat suites are plenty large enough to allow us to get inside and play with and groom your cat on a regular basis increasing their happiness and enhancing their stay.

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