Booking In - Bookings should be made as soon as possible to make sure your dates are available, especially at peak periods. This can be done by phone, email or in person. Once confirmation of the booking has been given you are bound by our terms and conditions.

Food and Water - Individual tastes are very much catered for at Kelcliffe Cattery and we have a wide variety of wet and dry food, so let us know what your cat's usual diet is. Cats are generally fed twice a day, but if your cat is used to a different routine let us know and we'll try and replicate this. If your cat is on a specialised or prescription diet you will need to bring this with you as these are not supplied. All cats are given fresh water daily.

Cat beds - Our rooms come with their own cat beds with hypoallergenic Vet Bed, but if your cat has its own bed or favourite blanket we encourage you to bring this with you to help them feel at home.

Vaccinations - All cats must be immunised against feline enteritis and cat flu (herpes and calicivirus) and we will ask to see an up to date vaccination card from the vet before admittance. All boosters need to have been given at least 2 weeks prior to the cat's stay. 

Flea and Worming Treatments - Your cat needs to have had at least three months flea and worming treatment before entering the cattery. The type should be agreed with the cat’s own vet but the flea treatment has to kill both the fleas and larvae/eggs and worming both types of worms (round and tape). Some common types are Stronghold, Advantage, Frontline (fleas) and Drontal and Panacur (worms).


Medication - We are happy to administer medication at your instruction and have experience doing this with our own cats. Should your cat require veterinary treatment whilst staying with us you will have already signed a document permitting this (Authorisation for Medical Treatment) and we will either use our vets or your own, depending on proximity and severity of illness. We use White Cross Vets, Guiseley and have done for many years.

Microchipping - We highly recommend all cats and kittens are microchipped. We can carry out this service whilst your cat/kitten is staying with us using the world's smallest microchip for only £20. 

Grooming - Many cats enjoy grooming and we offer general brushing as standard. However some cats may benefit from or enjoy a longer grooming session and we are happy to provide this at a small extra cost.

Unneutered males - Due to issues associated with unneutered males and spraying we regret we are unable to accept them in the cattery over 6 months old.

Travelling to Kelcliffe Cattery - All cats must be brought in a suitable escape proof cat carrier to make sure they arrive successfully, and if you are bringing a blanket put it in the carrier to help them settle on the journey. If you need a carrier we have some you can purchase before your visit. We have ample on site parking and request that you park on our drive and not on the road when you visit. 

On Arrival - We are happy for you to settle your cat in and they will then be given a health check. We reserve the right to recommend veterinary treatment or refuse admission if we feel the cat has some medical issue that could be passed on to other cats. You will then be asked to sign our Terms and Conditions, Authorisation for Medical Treatment, GDPR if you haven’t already done so and if necessary Pre-Existing Meidcal Treatment forms.

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